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Vizyon Select Cocoa Powder 1 Kg


Vizyon Select Cocoa Powder is a premium chocolate product available in a convenient 1kg pack. Made from 100% alkalised powder containing a fat content of 10-12%.

Produced via a special selection of cocoa beans to give a fine cocoa powder. As an alkalised cocoa powder (dutch process), the cocoa beans have been washed in an alkaline solution which neutralizes its acidity. This enhances the colour of the powder and smooths the flavour with lower acidity.

With increased solubility, you will find it easily dissolves in water or liquids.

Use as a flavouring for baking in items such as cakes, biscuits, creams or for making hot cocoa. It is also fantastic for use by confectioners in the manufacture of coatings for confectionery or frozen desserts. Plus, it’s perfect when combined with baking powder for cake making.

Finally, the Vizyon Select Cocoa Powder is perfect for combining with the Vizyon Select Chocolate Coins for decorative purposes on and around your cakes and desserts.

Ensure the product is stored at around 18-22°C in a cool, dry place with relative humidity of no more than 50%. Protect from light, air and moisture.

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