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Cream Of Tartar 50 gm Bakerdream brand


Product Description




Cream of Tartar 
1.Adjusts the PH of the protein 
2.Increases the protein stability and flavor 
3. Extends the shelf life 


Detailed Product Description

This product can adjusts the PH of the protein, increases the protein stability and flavor, extends the shelf life, and is suitable for baking all kinds of cakes, especially for the production of puff cakes and chiffon cakes.


Descriptions of “Bakerdream” Cream of Tartar:

1.Ingredients: potassium bitartrate, glycerin monostearate, corn starch, maltodextrin, lactose, CSL.

2. Dosage: 1-2% of the egg white;

3. Usage: mix together with the egg white.


Applications of “Bakerdream” Cream of Tartar:


It is used to improve protein stability of tartar powder.

It is used to all types of baked products, especially for the production of puff cakes, western pastry and chiffon cakes.


Features of “Bakerdream” Cream of Tartar:

1. To adjust the PH value of egg white to increase egg white stability.

2. Increase egg white flavor.

3. Extend the shelf life of cakes.



Notice: Seal after use and keep in dry and cool places

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