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Moul-Bie Cake Flour T45, Product of France 1Kg


Type 45 French Flour (1kg) / T45 (Protein 11%) from Soft Wheat Pastry Flour for cakes & croissants, pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins, brioche and puff pastry.
Product Description:
A premium Moul-Bie Patissiere Violette T45 wheat flour from French flour miller Grands Moulins de Paris.  This flour has good water absorption, good work tolerance and rises well in the oven.
Pure French style flour, perfect for making high quality cakes and sweets.
It is fine, soft and white in colour. It is very light in texture and has very little mineral content. T45 is finely ground flour using the soft wheat varieties. T45 refers to the amount of mineral content that is left after burning the flour i.e. T45 has 0.45% mineral content. T45 flour is equivalent to Type 00 Italian flour, Euro 450 flour type and American Cake flour.
Ideal flour for patisserie Rises well in the oven Ideal for making croissants, brioche and and pains au chocolat Milling superior quality flour since 1824
Mineral Content : 0.40% – 0.45%
Protein Content : 8.50% – 11%
Key Ingredients: 100% milled soft wheat
French style T45 flour is neither bleached nor chlorinated.

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