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Dark Compound Chocolate Block 2.5 Kg Vizyon Select


Made In Turkey

Use delicious white chocolate to enhance deliciousness of the cakes and cupcakes. It gives really rich and chocolaty taste to the cakes and cupcakes.

Product Feature      

Vizyon Dark Chocolate Compound 2.5KG Slab is prepared with the amalgamation of cocoa bean. This dark chocolate pack contains 2.5 kilogram chocolate in it.

It has long shelf life and can easily be kept at room temperature at home.

Product Uses

Enhance deliciousness of the cakes and cupcakes using this dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is used to pour on the simple cakes. It can be used in different desserts to enhance sweetness and richness of the desserts.

Bakers use this chocolate for adding sweetness to the life with the delicious chocolaty taste in desserts.

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