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Tempered Glass Top Cake Turn table


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  • ★Quality materials : The cake turntable is made of tempered glass, which is clean and hygienic. It can be directly contacted with food, durable and easy to clean.
  • ★Good stability : The weight ratio of the turntable and the base is golden ratio, the chassis is thick and stable, and the overall stability is stronger.
  • Item Weight 2400 Grams
  • ★Precision bearing : The bearing of the cake turntable rotates smoothly without being stuck. The rotation is flexible and makes the cake smear more convenient and labor-saving, so that your cake is more beautiful.
  • ★Instructions for use : The cake turntable can be washed directly with water, if it is washed with warm water of 40 °C ~ 50 °C, the effect is better. Do not use sharp, rough objects to avoid damaging the surface and affecting the appearance.

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