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Silicone Ice Pop Maker Molds/Popsicle Molds Reusable


Length : 20cm Wide: 4cm

About this item:

  • Colourful Ice stems:Made of high quality Siamese silicone mould, brightly coloured and full of fun, everyone will be infected by the bright colour, and the ice lolly moulds will bring surprise to your family life. 100% food grade, this is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free, these are 100% safe for your family.
  • Child friendly, perfect for parties or pleasure, this six piece shapes are fun and easy for children to use, makes your own delicious ice cream on a stick.
  • Mount cap:Your kids love your ice cream but can not lose the caps?Not with Joyoldelf ice set.. You can enjoy the sweet recipes and save your money.
  • Meet all of your needs:You can use it to enjoy your favourite style fruit Eispop, Mango, Pitaya, kiwi, pineapple, Banana and so on, to meet all your needs and to save money.
  • Easy to clean.This reusable design is easy to clean to reduce the difficulties of difficult laundryBut before use, please use hot water to disinfect, so it has a good effect on antiseptic.

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