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Professional Aluminium Cream Frother / Whipper Dispenser / Foam Frother 500ml


  • Product Contain : 500 ml Cream Whipper
  • Dimension : 7.5X6X27
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Color: Silver

Full Package Kit:

1*Cream whipper

3*decorating nozzles

1*Storage cap

1*Charger holder

1*Cleaning brush for decorating tips

1*Instruction manual


Wide range of uses and wide compatibility: whipped cream is widely used by homemade and professional chefs, coconut whipped cream, desserts, ice cream, cakes, waffles, seasonings, chocolate, pie, salty mousse, soup, hot/cold drinks , Gourmet cream whipped foam, coffee and soaking liquid. An 8g N2O charger that meets all standards. Does not include N2O charger.

The way to use cream whipper

1. Get ready a cream whipper and open the cap

2. Put into the milk, cream or others in and closed the cover.

3. Install the charger on one side of the bottle.

4. Keep the other side decoration tips on.

5. Shake the bottle body for several times

6. Make the beautiful decoration on your cooks

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