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Charger for Whipped Cream Container, N2O 8g Refill


About this item

  • Cream capsule for kitchen siphons
  • Quality: Premium Quality Cartridge add air to food: whipped cream, mousses and sauces
  • Universal cartridges: The cartridge is compatible with all brands of WHIPPER MACHINE: Mastrad, ISI, Liss, Mosa, Kayser, Ico, etc.
  • Use: 1/2 litre capacity 8 g of N2O prepared by cartridge

Product description

Standard cartridge that is compatible with all brands of siphons. Cartridge to fit siphons (Mastrad, Kayser, ISI, ICO, Mosa, Liss, Whip It, etc.). . The cartridge have a shelf life of 5 years. This product is universal and can be used with all siphons that act as a whipped cream maker. Tips: Keep the N2O cartridge in a dry place at room temperature (20 to 30 degrees). Please avoid inhalation of the gas in the cartridge. This ink cartridge is designed for food preparation using a siphon for making whipped cream, mousses.

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