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Manual Airbrush Spray Gun



Material: Food-grade Plastic


Pump: 25 x 12 cm

Canister: 8.2 x 3 mm

Product Included:

1 X Cake Decorating Manual Airbrush Pump

  • Feature:

    Enjoy baking at home on a whole new level with this Cake Decorating Manual Airbrush Pump! Create cakes that are enticing to the eyes and pleasurable to tummies!

    Easy to use manual spray pump that is suitable for all kinds of pastries. The clear canister allows you to see how much more liquid you left in store. Perfect for beginners and professional patisseries. Great for blending, shading, and 3D effects. Bring your cakes back to life!

    Enjoy the Fun of Baking – It can color the cake and make it look more lovely and beautiful.

    Unique Flow-Control Manual Airbrush – Accurately controls the mix off air and color. Perfect for large baked jobs or tiny detailing.

    Clear Canister – With the clear barrel, you can see how much mixture you have left.

    Lightweight & Portable – User-friendly pump that is lightweight and very convenient to use.

    Suitable for All Pastries – Easy to use manual spray pump that is suitable for all kinds of pastries.

    Perfect for Beginners & Professionals – It can be used at home or bakery. You can enjoy the fun of home baking or create amazing food.


  • 【Manual Airbrush for Decorating Cakes】The spray gun is made of brass material, electroplating process, silver appearance, smooth, comfortable to use, strong and durable.
  • 【Adjustable Pressure Manual Airbrush】The manual spray gun allows you to fully control the spraying pressure. To avoid clogging of the pump, use fine powder instead of coarse powder. Pearl powder can be mixed with transparent extracts (vanilla, lemon, butter) or flavors (rose, vanilla, etc.) and painted with a spray gun.
  • 【Scope of Application】Mini spray gun is suitable for making handicrafts, car graphics, temporary tattoos, cake decoration, art, nail art, etc.
  • 【Cake Spray Tube Baking Tool】Handmade cake spray gun DIY baking is equipped with 1 sprayer and 4 reservoirs. Use these spray gun techniques to make fun and easy to make charming cakes! Dimensions: 9.5 x 1.5 inches in diameter (24 x 3.5 cm in diameter); storage tank: can hold 1.3 ounces (40 ml).
  • 【Easy to Use】The spray gun is designed with a 7cc capacity paint tank, which is suitable for most coating media and is replenished by gravity feeding.

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