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USA Edible Poppy Paint for cake décor 30 ml (1 fl oz)


  • Its a great way to start your collection of colors.
  • Colors available- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Brown, White, and Super Shine and Poppy Thinner!
  • Alcohol Based – It is alcohol based, which means it’s very fast drying and will not rub or smudge once it has set.
  • Uses: Chocolate, Isomalt, Ganache, Candy Melts, Cookies, Macarons, Royal Icing, Glaze Icing, Fondant, Gumpaste, Wafer Paper, Candy, Modeling Chocolate
  • The standard Poppy Paint has a wide range of colors and appear matte to semi-gloss in finish.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Poppy Paint is a 100% FDA compliant edible confectionery paint.


What Surfaces Poppy Paints Can Be Used?

Poppy Paint can be used on any dry, solid confectionery surface. It will not adhere to a wet surface, and should not be used on porous surfaces as the alcohol will absorb into the confection.

-Candy Melts
-Royal Icing
-Glaze Icing
-Wafer Paper
-Modeling Chocolate

Poppy Paint should not be used on:
-Whipped Cream
-Any wet or highly porous surface

SHAKE WELL : Before using Poppy Paint, you will need to ensure it’s well mixed. You’ll be able to see how the paint has settled on most colors, but a few (especially white and black) may appear to be well mixed even when not. For the colors in which the separation is clearly visible, shake vigorously until the color appears uniform from top to bottom. For colors like black and white where you cannot see the separation, shake even longer than the others just to be sure.
(TIP: If your paint has set for a very long time, there may be some sediment that doesn’t want to come loose from the bottom of the bottle. If this happens, gently squeezing the bottom of the bottle can help to loosen the sediment before shaking.)

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Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Poppy Thinner, Red, Super Shine, White, Yellow


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