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Mixed Sugar Sprinkles 100g (Bluish Green / White / Gold)


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DescriptionIt can be used as airbrush color 3oml bottlePrice per bottle

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For cake decor

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Use direction: If adding it in bakery food, mix well it with the oil before adding it, this will improve fragrance retention effects, shake the bottle before using it.
Features: Soluble to water , oil, easy to use, make the food fragrant and colorful. Provide various colors sweet smell you like.
Recommended dosage: 0.1-0.5% for bakery food

Product Description
– Extra Concentrate food coloring in gel based


– 5 times STRONGER than oil based food coloring

– 1 droplet of gel based color = 5 droplet of oil based color

– User friendly packaging and no more mess with colors.

Product Name
Food coloring Ingredients
Main Ingredient
Cake Decorate Coloring Colorant Agent Lipidic Coloring Matter Oily Flavor, Cake Decorate Colorant Agent Lipidic Coloring Oily  for snack, cake, beverage food bakery & oil soluble pigment.
30 g /bottle
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Weight 0.00 kg
Weight 0.00 kg

Azure Blue, Black 221, Brown 218, Cherry Red, Dark Green 223, Grass green 220, Lemon Yellow, Orange 207, Orange red, Pink, Purple, Rose 217, Sky blue 213

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Black, Red, White

Weight 0.00 kg
Weight 0.00 kg
Glittering Colors

Black, Blue, Bronze, Copper, GOLD, MAROON, Orange, PEARL WHITE, Pink, PURPLE, Red, SILVER

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101 Super black, 102 Royal blue, 103 Sky blue, 104 Chocolate brown, 105-Copper, 107 Lemon Yellow, 108 – Ivory, 109-Forest green, 110- Teal, 111-Leaf Green, 112-Mint green, 113-Orange, 114-Deep pink, 115- Dusty Rose, 117- Peach, 118- Bergundy, 119-Red, 120 Super red, 122-Violet, 123-Tulip Red, 125-Terracotte, 126-Bright White, 127-Fuchsia, 128-Turquoise, 130-Regal Purple, 132-Soft Pink, 133- Maroon, 134 – Navy blue, 135- Gold, 161-Electric yellow, 162-Electric Blue, 162-Electric Green, 164-Electric Pink, 165-Electric Purple