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Charger for Whipped Cream Container, N2O 8g Refills pc


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  • Cream capsules for kitchen siphons
  • Quality: Premium Quality Cartridges add air to food: whipped cream, mousses and sauces
  • Universal cartridges: The cartridges are compatible with all brands of WHIPPER MACHINE: Mastrad, ISI, Liss, Mosa, Kayser, Ico, etc.
  • Use: 1/2 litre capacity 8 g of N2O prepared by cartridge

Product description

Standard cartridges that are compatible with all brands of siphons. Cartridges to fit siphons (Mastrad, Kayser, ISI, ICO, Mosa, Liss, Whip It, etc.). Box contents: 10 refills of 8 g of nitrous oxide (N2O). The cartridges have a shelf life of 5 years. This product is universal and can be used with all siphons that act as a whipped cream maker. Tips: Keep the N2O cartridges in a dry place at room temperature (20 to 30 degrees). Please avoid inhalation of the gas in the cartridge. This ink cartridge is designed for food preparation using a siphon for making whipped cream, mousses.

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